Our Fees

An explanation of the fees associated with buying an auction vehicle from Auto Auction Mall

Purchase Price $0 to $3,499 = $249
Purchase Price $3,500+ = $299
Auto Auction Mall Fee
Auction Clearing House Fees*
Documentation Fee

*Auction Clearing House Fees

The auction clearing house fees are separate charges from the Auto Auction Mall fee. These are buyer’s fees charged by the dealer auction where the car is located. These fees vary based on the final purchase price of the car. Please contact one of our Auction Specialists at 1-800-680-8010 or  [email protected]  for further information about these fees. Each vehicle listing page has a fee calculator which includes an estimate of the auction clearing house fee. This estimate is based on the then current pre-bid of the vehicle. For Buy Now vehicles, to see the exact auction clearing house fee (along with the other fees), just click on the Buy Now button which will set out all the fees in an easy to read pop-up window.

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